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Garage Door Service in Danville, CA

Garage Door Repair of Danville, California is here to help no matter what kind of garage service it is that you need. We provide all kinds of services from a simple repair to a whole new installation of doors and openers. Our team is happy to provide our services to the wonderful area residents as well as the surrounding areas too.

How To Handle A Stuck Garage Door

Has your garage door been acting funny lately or has it been getting stuck or not wanting to open or close? Maybe the door isn’t closing all the way before it starts trying to open up again. If this has been happening to you then there are a few troubleshooting ideas that you can try that may help. Some of the issues can be simple to figure out and fix but others will need a professional to make the needed adjustments. Here are a few of the things that you can check for yourself and adjust.
  • Check to see if the weather seal at the bottom is torn or missing
  • Are the tracks bent?
  • Check to make sure the rollers stay in the tracks all the way up and down
  • Has the door started making loud noises as if it’s struggling to open or close?
If you have noticed any of these problems with your garage door then give us a call and we will have a tech come check it out. We work hard every day checking on situations like these and want you to know you are in good hands.

What Is Regular Maintenance And What Is Included

Our company wants you to know that we offer our customers regular maintenance as well as repairs. By setting up a regular maintenance schedule for your garage door it can help you to stay ahead of any problems. This service can also help you to prevent emergency situations and keep the door running smoothly. Some parts of the door and door opener assembly need to be lubricated such as the rollers, springs and chain assembly. Also, our technicians will check your door for any loose or missing parts that may cause a problem.  

Why You Should Have Your Garage Door Serviced Regularly

Even if there may not be any problems with your garage door at the moment we suggest that you have it serviced often. A good way to do this is by picking a certain time of the year to have it done each time. Some people may prefer to do this with their spring cleaning and others may choose the cooler time of the year. At the same time that we come out to provide maintenance services, we will also do our Tune N’ Lube service too. We will also make sure that we provide you the customer with an inspection of your door as well. A regular visit from us can help to avoid a broken door and to keep your door running smoothly.

Call Today

Whenever you find that your garage door needs some help then give Garage Door Repair of Danville a call. We can be there for you in no time at all and offer our services to you 24/7 no matter the size or kind of job.

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